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Instructor Training
Instructor Training
Instructor Training

Instructor Training

Benefits of becoming a Driving Instructor:

Earn a competitive salary
The demand for instructors is growing
Freedom to choose your own working hours
No previous experience required
Job satisfaction from teaching people a skill for life
Great career opportunities

Train to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

To become a fully qualified ADI you need to pass three parts of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) qualifying examination. The DSA is the Government body which oversees all driving tuition in the UK. By law, to provide paid driving instruction in the UK you must pass all three exams. Other qualifications such as NVQ or BTEC in driving instruction are not considered adequate and therefore do not entitle you to operate as a driving instructor in the UK, or anywhere else in Europe.

Minimum requirements to become an ADI

Before you can consider becoming an Approved Driving Instructor you must have held a clean driving licence for 3.6 years out of the previous 6 and not have any criminal convictions. You must be able to provide two character references and you must be able to read a number plate at 90 feet (23 feet more than required for the Learner Driver Test) with glasses if normally worn.

Certain criminal convictions may also exclude you from becoming an Approved Driving Instructor. After you pass you will then be required to successfully undergo a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check before you can join the Driving Instructor Register.

What does ADI Training involve?

Our training course is designed to thoroughly prepare you for each of the three Government tests you must pass to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). We also provide training in the practicalities of being a Driving Instructor. We cover such topics as pupil retention and diary management, essential ingredients in ensuring your success and future earnings.

First of all, the training will set the foundations for driving and instructional ability by focussing on instructor theory in preparation for the Government's Part 1 examination. This exam comprises of 100 multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test. Topics covered include knowledge of the Highway Code, driving and teaching techniques and the UK driving test. We can provide you with reference books, mock examinations and Tutor Support.

Once you have passed the Part 1 exam, in preparation for the Government Part 2 examination, your in - car driving skills tuition will begin. This is not unlike an advanced driving test. Training is conducted around nominated DSA test centres. Our specially structured training sessions ensure you are ready for the Part 2 test and continue to develop your instructional ability.

When you have passed the Part 2 exam the final exam focuses on your in - car teaching ability. Your training will continue as it did during the previous stage, with the focus now being on your teaching skills. This stage prepares you for the government Part 3 examination.

How long will it take and why choose G & M Driving Centre?

Because the ADI examination is structured into three parts it inevitably takes a few months to qualify as an Instructor. However, if you choose to train with G & M Driving Centre you are allowed to operate and earn money as a trainee driving instructor after you have passed the second part of the exam. On successful completion of all exams we will also guarantee you a position within our company. We can also arrange your training around your current commitments and offer a pay as you train scheme, or a set fee payable up front.

Becoming a Trainee Driving Instructor enables you to gain a maximum of six months practical experience in preparation for the third and final part of the exam as a trainee instructor. However, it is not essential that you do this. You may wish to wait until you have passed all three parts of this exam before you take up your guaranteed position within our company.

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