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G & M Safe Driver Programme
G & M Safe Driver Programme
G & M Safe Driver Programme

S.A.F.E. Driver Training For Secondary Schools

Since 2005 we have been the only Driving School in the Glasgow area to be allowed to supply driving lessons to secondary school pupils within the premises of their respective schools. This innovative project which was developed solely by us has been given the seal of approval by the Glasgow Road Safety Unit. It has also brought G & M Driving Centre to the attention of the national press to such an extent that we have been featured in several Scottish Newspapers.

For example, Glasgow's Castlemilk High and neighbouring St Margaret Mary's Secondary School decided to provide free driving lessons for senior pupils aged 15 to 17, as part of the school curriculum. Initially, 22 boys took part in a pilot scheme and since then hundreds of boys and girls have jumped at the chance to get behind the wheel.

Now the scheme has been extended so that more pupils can learn to drive for free - some of them before they are legally allowed on the road. As well as getting driving, theory and hazard lessons, pupils also get talks from police, fire officers and road safety experts.

When we first devised the project it was our intention to help cut the high number of young people killed, or injured in road accidents. Schools of Ambition Co-ordinator Rod O'Donnell said the free driving lessons were ‘hugely ambitious and imaginative’. He added: ‘At a time when there is major national concern over the number of young driver accident statistics, the Castlemilk scheme is impressive. It not only addresses the whole area of responsible driving and road safety in a dramatically practical manner, but it is also adding to the skills and self-confidence of a significant number of young people from the Castlemilk area’.

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